December 6, 2016

Tuesday Tantrum

My teeth are all my own.

“It’s a young person’s game.”

“Ah, to be young.”

After hearing this for the umpteenth time today, I wondered at exactly what age I must be before people stop saying it. It’s patronizing, inappropriate (because they don’t know my age), and for the most part, untrue. My grandfather, before he passed away in his 80s, said the one good thing about getting older is that you can still learn. Despite being a rather cautious fellow, he wasn’t fazed by computers, internet, or email because he had the will. It’s something that as I age I notice people discarding all around me.

“My body just can’t do that anymore.”

Did it ever?

“So nice to be young.”

Now that you’re twenty-three?

The amount effort people put into life seems to be inversely proportional to age. Think about how long it took to learn how to walk, talk, read and then ask yourself about the last time you put that much commitment into something.

If you don’t want to, that’s fine. I won’t judge you there. Just don’t tell yourself, or especially me, that the difference between us is age. I’m a lot less capable than I look.

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