December 10, 2016

It's Movie Month

It's been a strange day. I discovered that I needed (200-140 ) X 10 stamps, made it to the Post Office before it closed at 12 p.m (yes, there is postal service on Saturdays),  and then got in an argument with the teller because while I held ticket no#113 and she decided to serve ticket holder #114 first. She literally looked at me and said, "No, she's next."

Then I went to buy a watch strap and got attitude from the sales clerk. There's some sort of etiquette  I wasn't aware of. Perhaps I was supposed to bow or wear white gloves. 

I ended the day going to the movies. I like science fiction films like Aliens, Prometheus, and Interstellar so when Arrival was proposed, I said yes immediately. Well-acted, unpredictable and thought-provoking, it turned into a "But if...then why...?" kind of film. 

Entertained, I don't regret watching Arrivals but I would have preferred it as a home movie: filling silence, passing time, and licking stamps.

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