December 17, 2016

A Quiz

Quiz: What is this?
One blog a day and my posts are starting to sound like a song on Billboard’s top 100, a bastardization of the original that requires copious amounts of repetition for you to buy it.

So perhaps I should tell you that I’m Down Under now. That I’m staying in a town with no sidewalks and the original cast of Deliverance. Or maybe you’d like to know that I have dark beet juice stains under my nails I can’t seem to clean out. That there’s an unopened 800g bag of Toberones in the refrigerator that I’ve thought of eating every hour for the last two days (but haven’t) and there are also two bottles of champagne in there that I haven’t thought of at all. That I’m wondering about 2017 and thinking of all the things I hope to achieve. That I used the word that 10 times already.

I still have gifts to buy and a tan to get. I’d like to try surfing and eating turducken (chicken stuffed in duck stuffed in turkey), but not at the same time. For now I’d just settle for a solid nights sleep.

Answer: Popcorn Christmas wreath 

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