July 9, 2014

A Post Filled with Love

I have to make a Caramel and Macadamia cheesecake today. I shelled out $15 for one box of Graham Crackers; I spent five minutes figuring out how to use a vanilla pod; when I eventually whip the cream cheese it will have to be by hand. I’m not at all qualified to make this cake but I made a promise. The party is tomorrow and I can’t back out now.

There will be a lot of stress. It will manifest itself first through the brown avocado I bought only this morning. Then that dog, his poop and the owner that didn’t pick it up will gnaw at my serenity. I’ll ruminate over an email that wasn’t returned for two weeks and feel hard-done by having lost all my contacts because my thoughtful husband updated my phone. A lot of aggression will be building in that kitchen. To mollify it I’m going to have to turn on Book Riot.

For the last two months I’ve been following the Book Riot podcast. It’s a girl and a guy (sometimes girl-girl) with a microphone talking about the book industry, the latest book releases, reading statistics, library programs, book expos and applications available for book buying and reading. It’s encouraging, analytical, frank and open-minded. I play it off my computer while I’m cooking and I think it’s simply awesome. I’m now enjoying books by authors I’ve never heard of before. I feel in touch with books in the same way I do when I walk into a bookstore and browse the shelves.  It soothes me.

So bring on that cheesecake and high expectations. Disregard the budget, the lost afternoon and the shredded fingernails. Remind myself this recipe can’t be my enemy; it comes from a book. Books and cake...I love you all.

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