March 7, 2012

On The Way Out of Limbo

I have a confession to make. The reason I’m not posting enough here is because I’m addicted to Hotel Babylon. It showed up on my Netflix account a month ago and I can’t get enough of that zany British crew and their wacky hotel adventures. I watch it in the living room, while I’m waxing my legs, peeling carrots and filling out the unbelievable complicated tax form that comes with The Three to One Rule. Thank you iPad for allowing me to watch Hotel Babylon on the toilet. Thank you IRS for stressing me to the point where I’d rather skip reality and move into a five star hotel.

But all good shows must come to an end and frankly I think I’m better at creating stories of my own, especially now that several people who have read The Three to One Rule (and I so love you all) have somehow assumed that they are in it. Thrilled to have created characters that are relatable and amused by the paranoia my friends and family (because you know they’re the only ones buying it) have displayed, I can’t wait to start publishing some creative non-fiction and let those skeletons fly.

No. You’re not in The Three to One Rule. I’m sure you’re very interesting and your life is entertaining but rest assured your secrets are safe with me. Have you thought about writing a book? 


  1. I've thought about writing a book, but it wouldn't amount to more than a pamphlet.

    I think I'd rather read yours.