February 8, 2012

Oh Those Italians

Yesterday, I met Sara for lunch at an Italian restaurant. We were supposed to meet at 12:30pm but she was running late. I didn't know this so when I got to the restaurant I started walking up and down the aisles looking for a girl with short blonde hair and blue eyes, in stark contrast from my long brown hair and dark brown eyes. 

"Can I help you?" asks the maitre d'.

"I need a table for two."

"Ah....and are you waiting for a man or a woman?" he asks as I take off my coat.

 "A woman."

"And is she as beautiful as you?"


"Is she as beautiful as you?" he asks in a clever Italian accent.

"Oh," I blush. 

I must tell Sara, I think to myself as I sit with the menu. She'll find this quite amusing.

"No," I reply. "She doesn't look anything like me."

Whoops…then again maybe she won't.