February 29, 2012

Fortune Favours the Bold

“No, Karen, I’m not…” He turns to me. “She’s not really going to do it, is she?”

“I think she is.”

He turns around to the bar. “Karen? KAREN!!  Seriously, DON’T. Karen!!"

Karen’s ignoring him but everyone else isn’t. He turns his head back to the table and his face is red. Ok, so he came to a karaoke bar but definitely does not want to sing. I’m with him on that. I’ve been cowering in the corner hoping no one does what Karen just did… to me. When Karen gets back to the table he gives her shit.

“YOU are not listening…that was really rude…. inconsiderate…I have no intention….they better not call my….”

He’s super upset and I’m starting to think he’s a bit of a jerk. While talent is certainly lacking at this bar…courage is in abundance. For the last hour clients have been standing up in the middle of the room screeching out notes with more passion and conviction than Celine Dion…. and I’m finding it rather admirable. Like putting your heart and soul into your book and then setting it free, hoping the world loves it too.

Ok, so maybe he’s a terrible singer. It’s not like in this place his misplaced pitched will be remarkable in anyway but if he does refuse to sing he will be noticed. And the crowd looks like it’s siding with Karen.

Four songs later and he’s up on the floor with a beer in one hand and a microphone in the other. Tainted Love…oh,oh, tainted love. And he’s lov’n it.

Yup. There’s a lot to be said for courage. It doesn't always work out but fortune truly favours the bold. 

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