January 10, 2012

What if you die?

My husband asked a good question yesterday.

“What if you died suddenly?”

I raised my head.

“What do you want me to do with all your writing? Would you want someone to finish and publish it posthumously or would you prefer it just lay there lifeless, like you?”

So this is what you worry about? Hm….let me think

While my desk top is a disarray of file folders, many of them are in various states of completeness. MANY. I’ve have some fictional stories but most of what I write is creative non-fiction which means they include, not only events in my life but also, the truth as I see it. Would I want someone tampering with that? Making assumptions about how I feel or what I must have done? 

I’m leaning towards no. If the purpose of my writing is to document my life story, in my opinion, it would be rather boring and narcissistic. I write to entertain and I use reality to do it. I may not hit that high note every time but I do think humor can be found in the everyday. I’m just not confident that everyone sees it, as I do.

I’m also surrounded by people who cannot predict me well. Heck, it took 17 tries at lobster dinner before my dad finally remembered I’m allergic to shellfish. And my closest companion, my husband, and I have very different dispositions. He’s patient and I’m eager. He’s polite and I’m outspoken. He's technical and I'm creative. He’s kind and I’m a ……

I can only think of one person whose style and humor could complete me but I haven’t seen her since high school and frankly if she wrote her own book, it’d be miles better than mine.
So I’m going to go with no. That may be subject to change the closer to the end I get. The book end, that is.

Àndale, àndale


  1. "...would you prefer it just lay there lifeless, like you?" (Your husband is kind, LOL - Sorry I just had to chuckle about that one!)

    I think unless a person leaves detailed notes, outlines, character sketches and the like, no one else can finish her story the way it was meant to be written.

    Thanks for your Christmas card, by the way - it did arrive! And here's to life!

  2. Absolutely not. No one could for all the reasons you mention. A writer in creative non fiction has a unique voice just as in fiction, and depending on that outlook; it would be entirely evident. They'll have to remain unfinished symphonies I'm afraid. Anybody touches my stories, I'll come and frigging haunt ya - and in fact, it is for that reason that I cannot work with anybody else either; collaborate, I tend to want to change everything into my own style and think they just don't come from the same place at all.

  3. @ Susan....yes, thank you for your card. It arrived in time for the holidays.

    @ SP Mount....without doubt you have a unique voice. It's a trademark you wouldn't anyone messing with.I also think readers who feel as though they have a connection to the author would feel defrauded.