January 4, 2012

Happy January 4rd!! Best Wishes to All!

What can I say? Stobby believes in celebrating each day at a time ;)

I have to say that among bloggers who are supportive, make you laugh, make you think or just make you feel ‘ok’, I have a particular affinity for blogs that teach you something. A couple months ago I was reading a blog, a rant really, about the misuse of the term ‘vegetarian’. According to Gillian McDade from Strictly Writing, eating meat of any kind, and that includes fish or eggs, means that you are NOT a vegetarian. The term instead is pescatarian. She was quite upset by the fact that there are pescatarian out there calling themselves vegetarian. I can respect that. Being vegetarian does not sound easy.

I should say I’m not either. I love crispy bacon, shawarmas and turkey. My grandmother-in-law makes the tenderest pork I’ve ever eaten. However, I am also aware of how much meat I eat and I try to keep it at a minimum. Unlike my pescatarian brother-in-law who doesn’t eat meat (but does eat fish) because he believes it’s bad for you, I only hesitate eating meat because I know at one point it had a life. But I also feel this way about plants and so figure I gotta eat something. For all the vegetarians out there, I salute you.

In the comment section of the blog, I asked the blogger to suggest some recipes and she recommended Yotam Ottolenghi. Fortuitously, he has a cookbook with both vegetarian and meat dishes. I put it on my Xmas list and my awesome mother-in-law bought it for me. Here it is:

Ottolenghi-The Cookbook
 It’s a beautiful book with pictures. I kind of wished they had included a photo glossary because I’m finding it a little challenging to decipher some of the ingredients. I could have easily mistaken Jerusalem artichokes for the leafy ones normally found in the produce aisle. Anyone know what celeriac is? Sounds like a disease.

Anyho….tonight I’m going to make the Jerusalem Artichoke and Swiss Chard tart. It sounded fitting being in Switzerland. And the picture looks awesome. I hope it turns out. I’m not the best cook. I know my husband will eat it regardless. It’s Stobby’s voice that counts.

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