December 12, 2011


Today, while randomly Googling people I went to school know, paying homage to some of the precious time I have left on this earth…I found a girl I went to university with. It was a bit of a shock least of all because after 20 years and three kids she’s still striking. Thank god she didn’t have a wildly successful career to topple over the pile of envy I was already carrying. Not that I don’t love my own life but she in turn was dynamic, athletic, outgoing, academically successful and  popular and from the blurry 2cm×2cm photo of her, I’m pretty sure she still is. Hate. Her.

It turns out that after getting a Bachelor of Science degree, she headed to New York and somewhere along the way became a…biologist?, consultant?, journalist?, lawyer?, florist? Nope. She became a doula. A doula? Really? I did not see that coming. An unexpected twist in a plot line that makes me wonder if I knew her at all. In fact the older I get, the more I suspect circumstance plays a huge role in who we are. 

That kind of inconsistency is a little scary but also reassuring. It means I can live a life even I have not predicted.  It also makes me wonder what people thought I’d become. When my dad got married, I made a speech at his wedding that, for years later, he raved about….like he didn’t know I could talk. It’s a surprise for me that it’s a surprise for him. In his eyes I’ve changed a lot. In my eyes I haven’t changed at all. 

Perspective’s an interesting thing.


  1. I like that your posts are like children books, little stories leisurely strolling to philosophy :-D. Z

  2. I'm late in catching up on my reading...what with Christmas and all. Watched Woody Allen's "Midnight in Paris" last night, which is also about perspective...wonder if someone is trying to tell me something? Anyway, loved this. Love your blog.

  3. @ Cindy....Thanks Cindy. Will definitely check out Midnight in Paris!