November 1, 2011

With Eyes Wide Open

My husband and I have a Saturday morning ritual that involves pain au chocolat, coffee and news. As though intellectual stimulation makes up for the caloric consumption. Last weekend I finally reached my wits end with the publicly funded Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and what they refer to as news. It appears that, for at least the last two years, CBC has been on a mission to dumb down Canadians. When an American golfer’s marriage woos become the top news story of the evening or the only source of journalism is a one minute YouTube clip of a plane crash, I worry. I worry a lot. 

News is supposed to be grounded in facts. It’s supposed to be an oral/visual encyclopedia of knowledge delivered as it happens. Sure, sometimes that’s a little dry, but so is keeping track of your bills. 

I’m not against sprucing up the studio, adding some feel-good or historical stories but I also want to know how Stephan Harper spends tax money…especially without a census to tell him who needs it. Unfortunately CBC's The National doesn’t ask these questions. 

 “So the river has flood, three years in a row, your house is under water and ruined, again, your dog drowned and you probably won’t be able to make your bank payments. We at CBC would like to know……how does that make you feel?

Like a piece of shit, I’m sure. Surprise me and tell me otherwise. Better yet tell me why you keep living there and what you’re doing to prepare for the next time. Because you don't need to watch crappy news to know there's going to be a next time.

Instead of reporting celebrity gossip or asking how people feel, I’d like to see more news stories on substantial changes in the way Canada is evolving. Like 180 degree change on how we view of the environment, women’s reproductive rights and the police force. 

I should say I have an immense amount of respect for law enforcement. Try visiting a country where there is none. But, in Canada, might appears to be replacing courage. Passengers are being tasered in airports, demonstrators are being clubbed like seals and cows are being gunned down on rural roads. 

All this, of course, comes from sources other than CBC news. In all fairness they reported some of it but first you have to learn who won Canadian Idol. Watch The National and you’ll have no idea the subtle ways your country is deteriorating. Maybe that’s the point.


  1. Don't even get me started on Canadian news. I have long since said that they might as well broadcast the same episode nightly, especially the local news, for you can guarantee that there will be a segment on the homeless, someone going off track on a hike, a dilapidated building burning down 'accidentally' in an up and coming area and coverage of the latest hockey match at a local school that gets more attention than the actual teacher's dispute. Every night I tune in to see what's happening with the Vancouver rioters that have cost me so much in tax. Still no charges been made, and that happened back in June - The debate at the moment is how we can avoid violating their rights and protect their identities. In fact last night there was a segment on the news about a spa offering rioters $50 off treatments if they would hand themselves in. Surprisingly there were no takers. Thank God for Internet news and BBC World News to keep me informed for I don't know how many more stories about prostitutes operating out of so called Chinese medical clinics, and the ongoing bike lane saga, I can take.

  2. @SP Mount....I hate rioters. Watching them destroy other people's property for a 'cause' is like watching free speech get molested. I wouldn't mind the $50 rebate though....which spa do I have to damage for that?