November 29, 2011

You Can Do It!

Last weekend I was at a Thanksgiving dinner held for a group of people don’t normally celebrate it. Guests  from Serbia, Italy, France and Turkey were all requesting a Thanksgiving meal because they had never had one. What it really turned out to be was smorgasbord of untraditional food, spinach torte, limoncello and cheese cake which profound trumped my undercooked apple pie reaffirming what I’ve always felt, I am not a baker. But the turkey, all 19 lbs, was a big hit. Four days later and I’m still eating it.

We went around the room and asked people what they were thankful for. When it was my turn I wanted to say ‘good health’ but decided it was lame and said ‘the end of Movember’ instead. Now I pay dearly with a runny nose and pressurized sinuses.

But as I was leaving the party and thanking the hostess for the hours she’ll be spending cleaning dishes (my hands were already raw scrubbing out that turkey pan) she handed me an empty booklet. Loosely translated, it is a poem about the blessings of carefree thoughts. How they are essential to creativity. She gave me the booklet to help me capture my creative thinking.

My first thought? How lucky I am to have supportive friends. 


  1. first laughter today thanks to you! I am sure that the little carnet will be soon full of notes. I understand from this that you made the turkey. Who cares about apple pie when there is a delicious roasted turkey?

  2. @Zeina....yes, better a raw apple pie. A raw turkey would have introduced our guests to a less desirable bowel condition commonly referred to as "Turkey Trots".

  3. Did that booklet say anything about where carefree thoughts come from, and how to trap one?