October 9, 2011

Keyboards-Take Two

Due to the overwhelming response to my keyboard conundrum, y'all know who you are, I managed to narrow down my choice to the only two brands sold in the stores. I can only assume it takes a lot of time to get product over those mountains.

My husband didn't want batteries, I didn't want wires so we settled on this awesome keyboard by Logitech that's powered entirely by light. It's sleek, has smooth tapping Chicklet keys and after three days, still runs on 100% power. It comes with a three year warranty and I dig the fact that I can type at the desk, from my lap, on my head or in the bathroom. Too much information?

Best of all it's environmentally friendly. I'm all about solar power. 


  1. I've never heard of the keyboards charged by light. How cool is that?

  2. I've never heard of a solar powered keyboard. Wow. You are so green.

  3. Pretty neat.




  4. @ Ruth...it's the color, right?

    @ Angela...totally cool. Five days and still 100% charged.

    @ Michael...awe, now I'm turning red

    @ Elizabeth...welcome, off to check you...er, your blog out right now!