October 21, 2011

Enjoy the Weekend...It could be your last.

Stobby’s friend is in the hospital. He woke up one morning with a swollen arm. The next day it was the size of a watermelon. They had to operate and remove substantial amount of damaged tissue but they still don’t know what caused it. Stobby’s pretty sure there’s a House episode that does. In the mean time she’s going to recommend a lumbar puncture and test for Sarcoidosis. 

Although he's resting comfortably now, the incident is an abrupt reminder of how quickly life can change. One minute you’re flossing your teeth and in the next minute your business is on fire. And it seems the quicker the change, the worse the situation.

Well now that’s depressing. I’m not sure why I’m blogging this. Enjoy the moment? Value what you have? Perhaps the lesson is to appreciate the gradual. Not to worry about writer’s block for your 350 page novel when you’re only on page 5.


  1. Or given the wide nature of what causes writers block, it might be a good way to try and overcome it; perhaps put the insight of life being short, and your current state of mind into your characters? Fortunately I've never suffered from it, quite the reverse actually, even though I have, when I looked it up, many reasons to, apparently! I find though that if I just sit and type a few words, the creativity eventually comes, one word leading to the next, a new scenario borne. And even if it is somewhat gobbledygook that I've turned out, the next phase of editing will organise it into something that perhaps would never have come otherwise... in other words taking inspiration from being uninspired... if that makes sense.

  2. @ SP Mount...I have problems dividing my state of mine from my characters....like trying to shake a really pissy mood and write something that is funny.