September 22, 2011

Writing Habits

I’m unfamiliar with the usual writing ritual for most authors but I do know that without a routine I wouldn’t get anything done.  I’ve gotten in to the habit of going to the local coffee shop in the morning, sitting for a few hours to catch up on blogs and news in the publishing industry, so that in the afternoon I can focus on bringing my characters to life.

The cafe is not that big and the coffee, while divine, is not that cheap so I’m grateful for the patience the owners have for letting me sit there for three hours with just a cup or two in front of me. That is until the other day when, as I was leaving, one of the staff said ‘see you tomorrow’.

“What do you think he meant by that?” she asks, classic female paranoia.

“He was being friendly. He probably meant see you tomorrow,” says my husband.

“OR...he meant you come here too much.”

“Getting a coffee is a very common activity and people drink coffee every day. It would not be out of the ordinary for you to be doing it too.”

Hum. That’s true, I thought.

“Then why he doesn’t remember my order? I order the same thing and according to him I’m there every day.”   

My husband rolls his eyes. You can’t win with me. The truth is I spend a lot of time looking at people around me. I wonder about their lives. If they’re happy or lonely, if they jumped out of bed or crawled, if they secretly play the banjo or sing to the Backstreet Boys. I try to image their worst moment and their best, what they lie about and what they regret.  I wonder if they listen to Kid Rock on the way to church, whether they’re in love, married or broke someone’s heart.

It never crossed my mind that someone might be doing that to me. At least until someone pointed out that I’ve been noticed. I'm not sure I'm comfortable with that. 


  1. I head to the same little restaurant near my office for lunch about once a week. They know me by name and know what I order. They let me sit in peace and scribble contentedly until the food comes. I kind of like it, but it does catch one unaware the first time they give YOU your order! Picked up some great dialogue in that place...

  2. I would be flattered! It would give me such a feeling of camaraderie with the people who worked there - as if I was an honorary member of 'the gang.'

  3. @ Ruth....LOL! A place where everybody knows your name...and food allergies.

    @ Jas.....I hope they look at it like that :)

  4. If you're only going for coffee once a day/a few times a week, you're fine.

    When I worked at a popular restaurant that was prided for it's speed and hospitality, I had people come through the drive-thru three times a day. And that was JUST on my 8-hour shift.

    Like I said, you're fine ;)

  5. @'re so sweet. Perhaps it wasn't the coffee they were returning for.