September 8, 2011

And She's Back

The Three Day Novel contest was pretty intense and it helped to have other participants twitter their despair. In three days she managed to write 23,000 words which is about 80 coherent pages. Not a novel but a good start. For those of you that manage to squeeze in 24 hours sleep, a pedicure and a movie....Stobby hates you.

It took two days to recover, and by that I mean I got a hair cut. When all you do for three days is touch a  keyboard and your hair, things can get kind of mangy. I also need a new keyboard. Any recommendations?

The first Platform Building challenge is on. It's a 200 word flash fiction that starts with 'The door swung open..." I think I managed to visit everyone in my groups although some blogs I had difficult putting comments on. There's a very friendly lot out there and I'm really excited to get to know everyone better.

Now...on to the challenge....

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